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Conference Schedule

Day 1: Monday Nov 19th 

10:00 -- 12:50: Algorithms and architectures

Opening remarks: Israel Ministry of science

Amir GlobersonUnderstanding Generalization in Over-Parameterized Models 

Qibin Zhao: Tensor network representation for machine learning

Ran Bachrach: Private Prediction Services using Homomorphic Encryptions

11:25-11:45 Coffee Break

Jun SakumaAI security, privacy, and fairness

Uri ShalitMachine learning and causal inference in healthcare

Yasuo Tabei: Data structures for scalable machine learning

12:50-14:15 Lunch and poster session

14:15 -- 17:00 Applications: perception and disaster response

Naonori Ueda: Earthquake damage estimation

Sarit Kraus: Multi-agent systems
Naoto Yokoya: Geospatial analysis for rapid disaster response

15:20-15:45 Coffee Break

Lior WolfA Universal Music Translation Network

Masatoshi Hamanaka: Music information science and AINLP session

Gal Chechik: Talking about images

16:50 End of sessions

Day 2: Tuesday Nov 20th 

10:00 -12:40: AI and society

Opening remarks: Masashi Sugiyama

Yishay Mansour: Online Linear Quadratic Control

Hiroshi Nakagawa: Privacy and AI ethics

Saharon RossetMaking Public Databases Infinitely Useful: Challenges and Solutions

11:15 - 11:35 Coffee Break

Koiti Hasida: Circulation and utilization of personal data

Yossi KeshetDeep Learning: Vulnerabilities, Defenses and Beyond

Osamu Sakura: Cultural and ethical studies of AI

Ami WieselTowards Global Remote Discharge Estimation

13:00-14:00 Lunch

14:00-16:45: Language

Yuji Matsumoto: Knowledge acquisition from scholarly documents

Jonathan BerantTeaching machines to understand natural language

Kentaro Inui: Natural language understanding and assessment

15:00-15:20 Coffee Break

Ido Dagan: Consolidating and Exploring Open Textual Knowledge

Kazuki Yoshizoe: Search algorithms and high performance computing

Yoav Goldberg: The missing elements in NLP

Masashi Sugiyama: Weakly supervised classification

16:45 Closing remarks

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